The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward; the only full-length work of fiction by cult American author H P Lovecraft, – Stephen King: “the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of horror,” – gets a twenty-first century makeover by award winning UK-based writer/director Julian Simpson.

Simpson takes his cue from investigative podcasts like Serial and Tanis, presenting the story as a truly terrifying ten-part modern mystery podcast, hosted by Matthew Heawood and his roaming researcher Kennedy Fisher.

At the heart of their investigation is Charles Dexter Ward, a young man from a prominent family who is incarcerated in a locked room in a mental asylum whence he subsequently vanishes without trace.

Where did he go? Interviewing a range of people who knew him including a former teacher and a childhood friend, Kennedy and Heawood’s investigations, which have more twists than a Chubby Checker dance off, takes them across the Atlantic to Providence and New York, and finally into the heart of darkness.

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